bacon infused bourbon – the process …

the ingredients and recipe book
(the maple syrup is used in the drink, not the infusing process)

step one: make bacon

step two: add 1.5oz of moulton bacon fat to 750 ml of bourbon


infuse for 4 hours

freeze for 2 hours

after getting rid of the fat and straining through cheese cloth
pour back in the bottle

label it so no mistakes are made.

so, we sampled this on fight night (11/12 – the night manny pacquio lost the fight but won the decision). reactions were mixed but not great. i thought it was OK but too smokey/bacony. dennis dumped it out and thought it was gross, the weave thought it was too over-powering and said “maybe we can cook with it.” and wendy said she liked it. mike thought it needed more bacon. i left the top off the bottle for 24 hours to see if it mellows out a little bit … more later.

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