The Phongraphy show opening was last night. It was cool. A lot of great photos. I bought 3 by Ed Templeton. I’ve really liked Ed’s work for a while now and when he has a solo show his work can be $3000 each. I got 3 images for $20 each at Phongraphy and I’m almost as happy about that as I am about having a picture in the show. The show was PACKED. In fact the Blind Lady staff were concerned about capacity and finally had to start a line outside until some people left. By the time I left, there had to be 150 people in there. It was crowded, which is GREAT. If I remember correctly Josh (curator) said there were 164 images in the show and probably 50+ different contributors Before I left it looked like sales were going pretty well, which is great because I want Josh to get reimbursed for his expenses and I’d like there to be a decent donation made to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti too. I’m curious to see if mine sells but we’ll see.

Wall A of the show.

Switching gears – I got a nice email from John Royce (pres, Cal Hts Neighborhood Assoc). He said he was talking to Robert, the owner at Roxanne’s, who was looking for vintage photographs from Cal Hts to display in the bar. John said that there are not too many available and wondered if I would be interested in sending Robert some of the stuff I’ve been shooting around the neighborhood, particularly the pictures of the reconditioned street lamps. I am stoked that Mary Sramek tagged John in some of those pix on facebook or this never would have come about. I’ve sent some images to Robert … we’ll see. I think i posted a couple of the pix on the last blog entry. Most are from my phone but here’s one from the camera:

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